Kuku Medicine Feeder

This design is stand on baby cavity of the mother structure with convenient.Easy and safety for mother and baby
  • It is easy operate reduce the trouble with mother.
  • It allows parents to administer medicine to baby without injuring baby’s palate or gums; the unique cap reduces choking or gagging.
PP/100 degrees~-20 degrees
Cleaning after every use with brush

Kuku Baby Snivel Absorber

How to use it:
1. Put the oval mucus nozzle onto the baby’s nostrils, and the round sucking nozzle into the mouth of an adult to create suction and cause the mucus to be drawn into the bottle.
2. The suction force and speed are controllable by one who does the suction.
3. The mucus sucker can be taken apart piece by piece for easy and thorough cleaning.
1. Insert snot absorber into baby’s nostril gently.
2. Suck FLAT gently in order to remove nasal secretion out of the baby’s nostril.
3. nosal secretion will flow into cup.
How to clean it:
1. Wash it thoroughly with luke warm water, before and after use.
2. After cleaning, do not assmeble the sucker until all parts are dry.
3. Do not boil or sterilize it.

Infra-Red Ear Thermometer

Product Description:
1) Display range: 34.0~44.0º C
2) Accuracy: 0.2º C
3) Min. Scale: 0.1
4) Memory: 10 recordings
5) Measurement time (reference only): 1 second
6) Beeper function
7) Auto shut-off (1min after idle)
8) Battery: AAA x 2, alkaline batteries
9) Battery life: Approx. 4, 000 uses
10) Size: 134 x 70 x 34mm
11) N. W.: 81g (including batteries)
12) Safe and hygienic
13) Requires new disposable probe cover after each use
14) Unlimited usage times
15)Long life endurance
Easy operation:
  • Press the on/recall button to turn on the thermometer.
  • Press the scan button about one second, the peak temperature will be displayed on the LCD and will be stored.
  • Press the on/recall button continuously to view the last 10 memories(in backward count mode No:9 to 0).
  • After one minute of nonuse it will shut off automatically.

Equip Talking Clinical Thermometer

Care Talk thermometer is a clinical talking thermometer using the latest infrared technology. Precise and fast, our unique multi-function thermometer is always ready to use.
Providing the best and most reliable products for today’s modern family is our main priority. Look for our products for quality, performance and peace of mind.
Features :
  • Ear & Forehead measuring
  • Room Temperature
  • Date & Time
  • Night search
  • 20 sets of memory capacity
  • Talking in English
  • Green back-light
  • Celsius/Fahrenheit convertible

Power: 2 batteries AAA

Size: 130(L) x 40(W) x 50(D)mm

Weight: 72g (with batteries)