Momiji Natural 2pc pack-Large

MOMIJI Natural® cloth menstrual pad is a washable and reusable menstrual pad specially made of 100% cotton fabric. We have a whole range of pads from Large, Medium, Small, Night and also Pantyliners to cater for every woman’s menstrual needs.

  • Large for Heavy Flow Period.
  • Suitable for wearing at your school or office.
  • All-in-one shape and easy to carry by folding
  • High absorbent power with the inside layers and special leak-proof lining.
  • Soft & smooth 100% cotton flannel surface.
  • Lead-free buttons.
  • It causes no health problems
  • No bleaching & unknown chemicals as found in disposable pad
  • It does not bring on allergy and other side effects to your body
  • Lasts for 5-6 years and it saves a large amount of money
  • Size:W22.5 x H27cm
    Color:Pink, Red, Petit Folwers and Flower Passion
    Available in 01 Pad / 02 Pads Pack
    Made In Sri Lanka.

    Choose Your Options:-
    Design: Petit FlowerspinkFlower Passion

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