Rumble Tuff AmazingMom 2in1 Package

Rumble Tuff Duo Breast Pump is designed for working breastfeeding mothers or mothers who need to travel. It is light, efficient, easy to use, comfortable and portable. Besides, it comes with 2 power options, mother can use the AC adapter or choose to use battery (4 x AA Alkaline batteries). In case if there is no power supply, mother can convert it to manual pump after plug in the Manual Diaphragm that comes with the breast pump kit.
AmazingMom 2in1 breast pump cooler bag is specially designed to cater for light weight breast pump. Its bottom has a thick cushion to protect the breast pump from light collision. The top is spacious to contain the breast shield kit, breast milk storage bottles and ice packs. A good back pack bag for mother who wish to put all breastfeeding needs and accessories into one.
    Items In This Package

  • Rumble Tuff Duo Breast Pump Motor (~0.35kg) x 1
  • Expression Collection (Breast Shield Set) x 2
  • Manual Diaphragm (Convert To Manual Pump) x 1
  • Bottle Adapter Kit x 2
  • AC Adapter x 1
  • Tubing with duo adapter x 1
  • Valve And O-Ring x 2
  • Non Woven Bag x 1
  • Rumble Tuff User Manual x 1
  • AmazingMom 2in1 Breast Pump Cooler Bag x 1
  • Amazing Mom Breast Milk Storage Bottles x 8
  • Advance Korea Super Ice Pack x 3
In a nutshell, Rumble Tuff AmazingMom 2in1 package is considered to be an ultimate solution for a working or always on the go breastfeeding mother. It is worth to have it.
This breast pump is entitled 1 year warranty

This breast pump is entitled 1 year warranty 

Interested can call or wassap me sheena at 0198668615 / 0128844580. Email

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